LAMCO offers numerous methods of securing and lifting items ranging from assemblies to complete machines. Whether from the floor or crane hook, we can securely lift your parts and assemblies with standard or customized magnets, mechanical or powered vacuum lifters, plate or beam clamps or lift tables to name a few. LAMCO has a large variety of efficient and innovative lift devices from all over the world at your disposal. Refer to our catalog for an overview of what is available. Everything that we have to offer is not in the catalog so give us a call if you don’t see exactly what you are looking for!

Stock and custom magnets

At LAMCO we are Magnet Lifting Experts. We can supply permanent or powered magnets to fit your need. We not only know the correct off-the-shelf magnet for your application but we can design, engineer and build you a custom magnet lifter to meet your needs when a stock magnet will not work. We also can supply magnets that can be used on painted parts safely without scratching or marring the part!

Individualized Vacuum Lifting Devices

LAMCO offers a complete range of vacuum lifters and vacuum lifting equipment. Self-powered mechanical vacuum lifters, electric and air-powered vacuum lifters are all available in lifting capacities ranging up to 60,000 lb (26,600 kg) or more.

Vacuum systems have the ability to flip, rotate or spin a part while suspended. These systems can reduce your lift cycle time and prevent damage to your parts surface. Contact LAMCO to review your application.

Plate & Beam Clamps

LAMCO has a vast selection of clamp designs! If you want to lift a part or plate vertically or rotate it through a 180° arc, we know how to do it. Do you need to lift a painted part without scratching or marring? We have non-marring clamps as well. Do you need a beam clamp to anchor your fall protection or material handling equipment? We have beam clamps for various types of anchor points that can be side loaded up to 180° for difficult applications. LAMCO can guide you to the best clamp for your application. Contact LAMCO for the right clamp for the job.

Lift Points, Shackles & Turnbuckles

LAMCO can supply unique connection points for standard and custom lifting applications. We offer a vast array of swivel hoist rings, eyebolts and other threaded lifting eyes as well as weld-on hooks.

Shackles are a common rigging connection. LAMCO offers many standard shackles for everyday lifting applications as well as custom lifting shackles to fit your unique connection needs.

Turnbuckles and other tensioning devices are available in numerous configurations. Our expert application specialists can help you make the right decision.

Lift Tables

LAMCO has successfully incorporated custom fixture design into lift table applications using Pro Engineer software. Floor based lifting and assembly processes often require special attachment and maneuvering features. Features like tilting, vertical positioning, swiveling, mobile traveling to name a few. Special features are tested in a virtual environment to insure the desired result. We will collaborate with your team to obtain your unique solution.