We supply OSHA compliant personal fall protection systems for railcar, truck, aircraft, bus, tanks and many other applications. LAMCO also offers OSHA compliant horizontal lifeline, guardrail, anchor, gate and access platforms customized to your needs. Whether they need to be fixed, portable or mobile, we can find the right solution to keep you working safely!

Fall Protection

LAMCO supplies fall protection that ranges from harnesses and lanyards to engineered portable safety platforms. There is a wide selection of harnesses to choose from regarding comfort level, sizes and specialized designs for a wide variety of applications.

Fall protection systems are available in kit form for temporary maintenance applications as well as permanent overhead track systems for production applications. LAMCO can supply overhead track systems that allow free movement with the use of a retractable reel and free wheeling trolleys.

Your LAMCO representative will help you select the fall protection system that best fits your facility and application.

Work Platforms

LAMCO can supply work platforms that eliminate the need to use ladders to access large equipment during the assembly process. Portable work platforms can give your workers the freedom of movement they need to be just as productive as if they were standing on the ground. Work platforms can be outfitted with bins for fasteners needed for the assembly process along with power outlets for required tools.

Your LAMCO representative will help you select the work platform that best fits your facility and application.


LAMCO provides OSHA required on-site sling, hoist and overhead crane inspections. The end result of all inspections is a report that summarizes the condition of your lifting equipment and offers recommendations for repair or replacement. The sling reports summarize the type of damage to slings so that corrective action can be initiated to increase the useful life of your slings.

Sling and Hoist training is also available to further increase the safety of your operators and avoid costly accidents due to improper use of slings/hoists. Schedule your inspections and training now to avoid costly downtime in the future.


LAMCO’s lifting specialists will prepare a customized training program for you and your staff. Training is anywhere from 2-4 hours and can be performed at our facility or yours. We offer a power point lecture, hands-on training and a comprehensive quiz at completion of the session.