Hoists and cranes

LAMCO representatives can help you choose the correct hoisting equipment for your particular application. Whether you need a light weight jib and hoist for workcells or a 100 ton crane to cover the space in an entire building, we offer high quality hoists and overhead cranes at competitive prices.

LAMCO has on-site installation, service, and repair capabilities. Our Factory Trained Hoist Repair staff is prepared to inspect and repair your hoists/cranes at your site or at LAMCO.



LAMCO has supplied and installed bridge cranes, jib cranes, and gantry cranes in a wide variety of environments. The most effective use of factory floor space can be achieved by using overhead bridge Cranes. With bridge cranes there is no need for wide aisles for fork trucks to turn in.

Let LAMCO’s representatives guide you to the best type of crane for your indoor or outdoor application.

  • Bridge Cranes, Harrington

  • Bridge Cranes,UESCO

  • Gantry Cranes, Spanco

  • Jib Cranes, Spanco


LAMCO has an effective track record of solving our customers ergonomic problems. Light weight work cell jib and bridge cranes with extremely low coefficient of friction wheels allow loads to glide into place. These overhead cranes are available in ceiling mounted or stand alone configurations.

Ergonomic hoists are available with controls at the hook to allow the operator to use his/her free hand to help guide the load into exact position. These hoists reduce the amount of impact on the human body.

  • Air Balancers, CM Max

  • Air Chain Hoists, CM ShopAir

  • Air Manipulator Hoists, Harrington

  • Ceiling Mount Cranes, Spanco

  • Electric Chain Hoists, CM ShopStar

  • Electric Chain Hoists, Harrington ED

  • Load Rotation Systems, Posi-Turner

  • Stand Alone Cranes, Spanco

  • Workstation Jib Cranes, Spanco


LAMCO’s Factory trained hoist repair staff is available for on-site or in-house repairs. Emergency repair services are available. We have certified test weights for on-site load tests and our in-house capabilities include a 20 ton proof test stand. Our staff can also supply parts for most brands of overhead cranes and hoists.

LAMCO provides OSHA required overhead crane and hoist inspections.

To schedule an inspection or repair, call 309-764-7400 or 800-447-1885

  • Crane Scales

  • Electrification Components

  • Remote Control Pendants

  • Replacement Hooks

  • Replacement Latches


LAMCO is a Master Distributor for Columbus McKinnon (CM) and Harrington hoists. We also distribute and service a multitude of other hoists manufactured by the best companies in the industry.

We offer hand, air or electric powered hoists up to 100 ton capacity. There are a variety of considerations in the process of selecting a hoist. Our Field and In-House Representatives can guide you through the selection process to insure that you have the right hoist for your specific application.

  • Budgit Hoist

  • Coffing Hoist

  • Columbus McKinnon (CM)

  • Demag Hoist

  • Harrington Hoist

  • OZ Lifting Products

  • Patterson Winches

  • Thern Winches

  • Tractel Hoist & Winches